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 Dr. Line and Dr. Grosch

Dr. Line and Dr. Grosch are otolaryngologists.  This is the modern name for ear, nose, and throat specialists. As otolaryngologists we treat a variety of ear, nose, and throat problems. We are also head and neck surgeons. As head and neck surgeons, our specialty includes many diverse aspects ranging from endoscopic sinus and laser surgery, head and neck cancer, nasal cosmetic surgery and pediatric otolaryngology. Our practice also includes allergy, speech therapy, and audiology. 

Information about audiologist Angela Nelson, MA, can be found on her webpage. Her office is located in our suite: #320 at 191 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91505. She can be reached at 818.559.9580.

We practice primarily at Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills.

We appreciate your choosing our office to serve your medical needs. We will do all that we can to provide you with the best of care.  On this webpage you will find information about our practice.  The more you know about our policies and methods of practice, the better we can serve you.